Structured Settlement Sale

Should you do a structured settlement sale or a structured settlement loan?   The choices are A, B, or neither one.  Read on. Structured Settlement Sale Your wallet on the third rail Eating out of garbage pails Things sure ain’t swell  (with Southern accent)   I just want a home Where da buffalo roam First word […]

Get The Cash You Need Sooner

Structured settlement buyers be falling all over themselves trying to convince you that they can get the cash you need sooner.  Unless the structured settlement buyers want to pay everyone’s “Uncle” 40%,  for not following the law, then they just full of head cheese.  Pay no mind to the structured settlement buyers,  but enjoy this […]

Get Your Cash Now

Get Your Cash Now Hear Ye  Hear Ye Get Your Cash Now Hear Ye Hear Ye You may may as well be at the circus and substitute the word “peanuts”.   In this case you are nuts to enter the cash now circus.   Cash now like a circus baby Trapeze into the a-byss, maybe Three […]

Sell Your Settlement Now

So you want to sell your settlement now Getting cash now is so low brow Got your ass in a  sling,  just fuckin’ how? Your bills, your bills you cow tow Spending money give you thrills and chow chow   You be spending money on the down lo When your bitch ain’t lookin’ you with […]

I Have a Structured Settlement and Screw Cash Now

I Have a Structured Settlement and Screw Cash Now Call “Tuna Fish Sandwich” No Need to Sell Now Structures helped others and they’ll help you too Lifetime stable income and tax-free too!   You have a structured settlement say “screw cash now” Free I-Pad and cash advances, who really gives a shit now? Structures helped […]