Baltimore City Lead Poisoning Kids Prey

Baltimore City lead poisoning kids have been preyed upon by a Chevy Chase company called Access Funding, according to a front page story in the Washington Post. It is a thoroughly scathing article by Terrence McCoy that suggests that Access Funding has taken advantage of poor black Baltimore city kids who were victims of lead […]

Sell Structured Settlement For Cash

Should you sell your structured settlement for cash?  I don’t think so.  Here’s why.   Sell structured settlement for cash? Why should you do anything rash Rustle up some corn beef hash Instead of making a hash of your cash And smoking the rest of your stash Go British with bangers and mash   Sell […]

Sell Your Settlement Now

So you want to sell your settlement now Getting cash now is so low brow Got your ass in a  sling,  just fuckin’ how? Your bills, your bills you cow tow Spending money give you thrills and chow chow   You be spending money on the down lo When your bitch ain’t lookin’ you with […]

I was Hiking, A Cash Now for Structured Settlement Rap

Said I Was Hiking When I Heard That Viking Big Fat Viking Wearing Nike   Her Name Was Jenny Sold For a Penny Only a Penny? I Said to Jenny   I Got Your Number Cash Now’s a Bummer Can’t Pay for That Hummer Until Next Summer   So Jenny’s Brother Listen to His Mother […]