Annuity Cash | Sell Annuity for Lump Sum

Is annuity cash really the best thing? Should you sell your annuity for a lump sum of cash? What about cash for structured settlement annuity? Maybe you should think twice.  Maybe you should seek independent professional advice.  Here’s what the periodic payment poet Master Funky Chicken has to say on the topic. Annuity cash Don’t […]

Got an Annuity? Sold Annuity for Cash Now Rap

Got an annuity For Perpetuity Bad Accuity Sold Annuity A great big doo-oo-dy It turned out to be   Spent all his money Bye bye said honey Though he was funny She like the money   Lost steady income He was a dum dum Cash now be ho hum Don’t be a dum dum Cash […]