Get Cash For Structured Settlement

You think you want to get cash for structured settlement, but the teaser often turns out to not be a crowd pleaser.  You give up way too much.  Don’t want to be living in a rabbit hutch,  Dutch!  A free I-Pad or a couple of gift cards pales in comparison to what you give up.  […]

Sell My Structured Settlement

Sell structured settlement advertising is mostly bullshit. Here we have a good laugh about a hypothetical encounter with a company in Florida that is trying to get you to sell your structured settlement.  Enjoy the rhyme sublime homies!   Sell my structured settlement Is Not a Good Idea Dude can’t even pronounce onomatopoeia Funk coming […]

Unlock Structured Settlement

Unlock structured settlement is a pile of marketing crock created by structured settlement buyers some of who even use handcuff images to deceive and entice unsophisticated brothers and homes who are receiving structured settlement payments, to sell them at a big discount.  Here’s more rhyme sublime  to give you the 411 on this predatory “unlock […]

I Have a Structured Settlement But I Always Go Meow

I Have a Structured Settlement and I Always Meow Hard not to purr when you get stable payments now The tax free benefits are helpful too The wife gets tax-free when I die,  she’s a Happy Sue   Keep hearing these commercials that are on TV Funny as they are they promote JG Think I’ll […]

He Ate a Structured Settlement and He Pees Cash Now

I Ate a Structured Settlement and I Pee Cash Now I Pee Daily!  Get Your “Streambacks” Now I’ve Helped Others and I’ll Help You Too The only thing I won’t do is help you go poo-poo!   I Ate a Structured Settlement and I Pee Cash Now Call AC Pissworth,  for a  7-11 -pow-wow I’ve […]