Sign On Bonus

Structured settlement buyers like to entice you with a sign on bonus or a free IPad, smartphone or TV. It’s a sucker’s play to divert you from the massive amount of future value you will be losing by selling your structured settlement.  Are you a sucka? Sign on bonus Swallow you in like Jonahs With […]

Sell Structured Settlement For Cash

Should you sell your structured settlement for cash?  I don’t think so.  Here’s why.   Sell structured settlement for cash? Why should you do anything rash Rustle up some corn beef hash Instead of making a hash of your cash And smoking the rest of your stash Go British with bangers and mash   Sell […]

Get Cash For Structured Settlement

You think you want to get cash for structured settlement, but the teaser often turns out to not be a crowd pleaser.  You give up way too much.  Don’t want to be living in a rabbit hutch,  Dutch!  A free I-Pad or a couple of gift cards pales in comparison to what you give up.  […]

Highest Cash Offer Structured Settlement

“Highest cash offer for structured settlement” is on par with I promise I won’t “pour rum” in your mouth” .  Virtually every structured settlement buyer makes the same dubious claim.  If only go to Tightwad Capital then their offer is the “highest offer”. If you go to TightWad Capital and Miser Moron Settlement Purchasers, you may […]

Why Wait for Structured Settlement Payment?

Some structured settlement buyers ask you “why wait for your structured settlement payments?”   Massive over-the-top from Peachtree featured dis wigga who gets progressively older waiting for his payments.  Even got tumbleweeds from the Old West rolling into the scene (Cue  ” The Good, Bad & Da Ugly”) Others ask “why wait weeks, months and […]

Structured Settlement Cash Now Stinks

Structured settlement cash now stinks Dude, you just got yourself hoodwinked Sure ain’t your mama’s tiddly winks Before you blink Payment just shrinks   Cash now for structured settlement stinks You think you back from the brink But back to your old hi-jinks Your armor still got some chinks When the vulture winks You need […]

I was Hiking, A Cash Now for Structured Settlement Rap

Said I Was Hiking When I Heard That Viking Big Fat Viking Wearing Nike   Her Name Was Jenny Sold For a Penny Only a Penny? I Said to Jenny   I Got Your Number Cash Now’s a Bummer Can’t Pay for That Hummer Until Next Summer   So Jenny’s Brother Listen to His Mother […]