Sell Structured Settlement

Having to sell structured settlement sucks, so why do it?  Why give up the long term financial security for a structured settlement seller’s financial equivalent of a one night stand?  Some people can’t get enough financial “booty” so they just screw themselves over some more.

Listen homies,  sell structured settlement is a cash now “booty call” with plenty of “junk in the trunk”.  But this isn’t your Kim Kardashian kinda junk.   This is the kind of junk and bunk that makes you poor and full of regret.  If you sell your structured settlement, your money be gone faster than you can say “Wiz Khalifa”.

So consider this. Stop, look and listen before you act like you be all that.  Your perceived need for a posse is no reason to sell.  Having to sell your structured settlement is no reason to celebrate. You could be giving up 50% more of your future guaranteed payments. If you told your friends the truth about how much you stand to lose, what would they think?  Posse disappears when you can’t keep up your act any longer. When you think of posse, just say “um”, as in possum.  That way when you start getting harassing phone calls you can just “play dead” and don’t answer.

possum playing dead
When you think posse, just think”um”, as in possum. Play dead!

And one more thing…

Like the dog says, don’t listen to any cracka that tells you not to get independent professional advice, because it will speed up the sell structured settlement process.  How would you feel if you spent $500 for a structured settlement IPA and you ended up with $10,000 more?  Said another way, would you feel like a chump if you were too stingy to pay the $500 and you went through with a deal with Gooey Poo-ey Capital, which you later learned, because you didn’t read the documents, charged you an outrageous 19% discount rate!