Sell Structured Settlement

Sell Structured Settlement Sucks’ mission is to live up to our website name and to inform those who need to be informed so that they can make better informed decisions with their money.  There is no need to sell structured settlement for half the reasons that you see in online or TV advertisements.

My name is Master Funky Chicken and I’m here to tell how not to get funked up on all this cash now shit you be seeing, hearing or reading about online, or on late night TV, in lyrically poetic sort of way.

Get educated

Be Stimulated

Not overrated

Or antiquated


Sell structured settlement sucks

You be down on your luck

They take half of your bucks

No gas for your truck

You on the raft with Huck


Don’t sell you future

For trendy couture

For girl named Minnie

“Minnie the Moocher”   (even if she is the low down Hootchie Cucha!)

I hope you enjoy the Sell Structured Settlement sucks | Cash Now Sucks website and keep coming back.  New content on this website is added often.  Come and be entertained by topical humor about the perils of selling your structured settlement. Instead of the droll and the boring, I want to get the point across in an entertaining way.