Lump Sum For Structured Settlement Carnage

Lump Sum Carnage

Like Agent Orange

Hard to acknowledge.


Lump Sum for Structured Settlement Sucks

Most can’t manage it

And they end up in shit.

They take such a hit

Feel like such a tit.


So hear these rules

So you won’t be mules

Or spooky ghouls

On rented stools


Save your money

Impress your honey

Keep food in your tummy.

And avoid the scummy.

Lump Sum for Structured Settlement Sucks

Don’t sell, protect your bucks!

by Stanky Franky











Structured Settlement Buyout

Structured Settlement Buyout

Like they took ya eye out

Salty tears you cry out

Cuz you did settlement buyout


Structured Settlemen- Buyout

In Oh Hiiiii-O

You Settle for Cash

Creates a great big gash

Like corn beef hash?

No bacon rash

Soon flat on your ass

Ain’t got more pizazz


Payment got chopped

Cuz you forum shopped

I said lawn shop Jule

Not the pawn shop fool

Now you no cool.


Lyrics, by Stanky Frank

















Structured Settlement Buyers

Structured settlement buyers

Many are liars

False advertisers

You be the wiser


Structured settlement buyers

They seduce you

Then reduce you

Kick your caboose

Silly goose

Now you recluse


You got hit by a truck

You thought you  were fucked

Called an ambulance chaser

Who did the mashed patater

Got some compensater

To pay you big bucks


Now you ain’t got no bucks

Keeping to a budget you suck

So you went to a buyer

A big fuckin’ liar


And plied you with gift cards

Which you took cause you “retard”

Perhaps a goofy mallard

And they set up an account

With a token amount

And drew up a lease

For somewhere you never placed you feet

Use the name Claude

Cause you now in a fraud


Cash now sucks

It ain’t deluxe

Can’t afford no tux

Puts you in flux

Cash now sucks


Play with fire

Call a Structured Settlement Buyer

Live on the high wire

Feed yourself to a tiger

Or maybe a liger
















Lyrics by Master Funky Chicken 2015






Got an Annuity? Sold Annuity for Cash Now Rap

Got an annuity

For Perpetuity

Bad Accuity

Sold Annuity

A great big doo-oo-dy

It turned out to be


Spent all his money

Bye bye said honey

Though he was funny

She like the money


Lost steady income

He was a dum dum

Cash now be ho hum

Don’t be a dum dum

Cash now sucks

Lyrics by Master Funky Chicken 2015





I was Hiking, A Cash Now for Structured Settlement Rap

Said I Was Hiking

When I Heard That Viking

Big Fat Viking

Wearing Nike


Her Name Was Jenny

Sold For a Penny

Only a Penny?

I Said to Jenny


I Got Your Number

Cash Now’s a Bummer

Can’t Pay for That Hummer

Until Next Summer


So Jenny’s Brother

Listen to His Mother

He Kept His Structure

In Row His Ducks Ya


As for Jenny

She spent her penny

On a guy named Kenny

From the “Five and Tenny”


Lyrics by Master Funky Chicken 2015









Annuity Cash Out is Financial Flame Out

Annuity Cash Out Rap,  by Master Funky Chicken

You Stick Your Ass Out

For Annuity Cash Out

An Annuity cash out

Is Financial flame out

You Gotta Big Pout

With Your Big Snout

Now Your Just Out

Like a big drought


Now your cereal bowl

Like the Dust Bowl

With a Little Creole

You in a Hole


Funk Soul Brotha Got a Doubt Now

Can’t Get Out Now

Structure went pow pow

Roar turn into meow meow

She slaps you “ow ow”

Since your annuity cash now


Sold structure to bitch named Wanda

Who bought an anaconda

For her friend Sheronda

Who drives a tricked up Honda

Yeah THAT Sheronda


She did a syndication

With no gesticulation

To the United Nations

Went on vacation

With her Alsatian


Now Your girl is right

No nookie tonight

You Got a Real Plight

No financial might

Cuz Your Sold your Structure

To a Cash Now Vulture

Now you in horticulture.

Cash Now Sucks!