Don’t Talk to Strangers About Your Structured Settlement!

You know its really strange how some people just feel like flapping they gums when they get some settlement money. Speaking of your structured settlement, or any part of your settlement, to unqualified strangers is one of the worst things you can do. You may as place a bullseye on your ass to help those […]

What is A Secondary Market Annuity?

Listen up y’all. A secondary market annuity is not an annuity. It’s like shit you can buy at your local pawnshop after people so desperate, they sell their payments for pennies on the muthafukkin dollar. And that’s not all homes. I read that are some poor people who invested in secondary market annuity lost their […]

Cash Fast But Can’t Make It Last

Cash Fast for structured settlement is A horse’s ass with effin’ Cheese Whiz Lyin’ muthafukkaz grab on to your payments Leaving y’all to graze on fuckin’ hay and Velamints   They Say Cash Fast But They Can’t Make It Last So Now You Force to Fast And Feel Like a Dumb Ass   Structured Settlement […]

Up Your Ass With That Lump Sum Of Cash

Up Your ass with lump sum of cash because structured settlement cash now sucks. Lump sum for structured settlement is where you sell your structured settlement payments for a fraction of what it is worth. In August 2015, as information started oozing out of Access Funding in Chevy Chase like a draining abcess, it opened […]