Forum Shopping Structured Settlements

You need cash money Go to Judge Homey Structured settlement protection Think Hugh G. Rection But home court approval Not like apple strudel   My Cash now pusha Say there no issha Don’t need no tissha Said “no worries Thumper” We headed to Sumter When you feeling sorely Go right to Judge Morley   Ye […]

Why Wait for Structured Settlement Payment?

Some structured settlement buyers ask you “why wait for your structured settlement payments?”   Massive over-the-top from Peachtree featured dis wigga who gets progressively older waiting for his payments.  Even got tumbleweeds from the Old West rolling into the scene (Cue  ” The Good, Bad & Da Ugly”) Others ask “why wait weeks, months and […]

Court Scrapers Information Rapers

Court scrapers are like information rapers. Some people who enter into structured settlements, are surprised to receive phone calls from complete strangers right away or years later encouraging them to sell their structured settlement payments. The incessant and harrassing phone calls come from structured settlement buyers, some of whom are very aggressive and offensive.  There […]

Structured Settlement Cash Now Stinks

Structured settlement cash now stinks Dude, you just got yourself hoodwinked Sure ain’t your mama’s tiddly winks Before you blink Payment just shrinks   Cash now for structured settlement stinks You think you back from the brink But back to your old hi-jinks Your armor still got some chinks When the vulture winks You need […]

Lump Sum For Structured Settlement Carnage

Lump Sum Carnage Like Agent Orange Hard to acknowledge.   Lump Sum for Structured Settlement Sucks Most can’t manage it And they end up in shit. They take such a hit Feel like such a tit.   So hear these rules So you won’t be mules Or spooky ghouls On rented stools   Save your […]

Structured Settlement Buyout

Structured Settlement Buyout Like they took ya eye out Salty tears you cry out Cuz you did settlement buyout   Structured Settlemen- Buyout In Oh Hiiiii-O You Settle for Cash Creates a great big gash Like corn beef hash? No bacon rash Soon flat on your ass Ain’t got more pizazz   Payment got chopped […]

Structured Settlement Buyers

Structured settlement buyers Many are liars False advertisers You be the wiser   Structured settlement buyers They seduce you Then reduce you Kick your caboose Silly goose Now you recluse   You got hit by a truck You thought you  were fucked Called an ambulance chaser Who did the mashed patater Got some compensater To […]

Got an Annuity? Sold Annuity for Cash Now Rap

Got an annuity For Perpetuity Bad Accuity Sold Annuity A great big doo-oo-dy It turned out to be   Spent all his money Bye bye said honey Though he was funny She like the money   Lost steady income He was a dum dum Cash now be ho hum Don’t be a dum dum Cash […]

I was Hiking, A Cash Now for Structured Settlement Rap

Said I Was Hiking When I Heard That Viking Big Fat Viking Wearing Nike   Her Name Was Jenny Sold For a Penny Only a Penny? I Said to Jenny   I Got Your Number Cash Now’s a Bummer Can’t Pay for That Hummer Until Next Summer   So Jenny’s Brother Listen to His Mother […]

Annuity Cash Out is Financial Flame Out

Annuity Cash Out Rap,  by Master Funky Chicken You Stick Your Ass Out For Annuity Cash Out An Annuity cash out Is Financial flame out You Gotta Big Pout With Your Big Snout Now Your Just Out Like a big drought   Now your cereal bowl Like the Dust Bowl With a Little Creole You […]