Cash Now Sucks for Structured Settlement

Cash now sucks and nothing sucks more than a website from India, where there are no structured settlements, trying to sound authoritative to Americans with a structured settlement. Today I’m disgusted with an Indian website called I Love Structured that is bad. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was commissioned by someone here in the USA.

First of all I want to get a couple of thing straight, cash now sucks!  That and that I like Indians, have Indian friends, love Indian food, Bollywood and all that shit.  I’ve got nothing wrong with India or Indians readers. But the Indians that are writing this I Love Structured shit are giving out bad info. If don’t have the education it doesn’t improve your situation and may even hurt you if you rely on something that ain’t correct.  Do you what I’m saying?  I just don’t like how it seems that all the Black Hat web development dudes eat up this shit. They pay for cheap ass labor to so they can post original content whether it’s true or not and get people sell the structured settlement payments that they depend on for cash now.

I know y’all waiting on the rhyme so here we go…

The I Love Structured Rap

I Love Structured is

Like a Blood Vessel Ruptured

Not structured settlement cultured

Like structured settlement “butchered”


“It’s Not a Tumah”

Yes it is Muthafukka

It’s Cash Now Sucka

Something You Can Duck-a

So you won’t be broke-a


I Love Structured from India

Don’t Know What Got Into Ya

I Love my curry

But I’m in no hurry

To buy into their slurry


The structured settlement culture is

Already full of vultures

Now we got Raj from New Delhi

Trying to make you feel swelly

And Ajay from Bombay

Would he just go away?

They buy Gupta links

Put it on blogs that really stink


It would be less comical

If they were more on topical

If they checked for accuracy

Instead of a bullshit legacy






Published by FunkyChicken

I love funky music, lyrical poetry and the "rhyme sublime". A rapper with an interest in structured settlements. I read about too many brothers and sisters getting hosed by advertisers buying structured settlements. Having to sell your structured settlement sucks, but many people don't have the access to the information they need and making bad decisions, so I decided to rap home the message.

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