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Top10 reviews sucks
This top don’t spin because methodology sucks.

Best Structured Settlement Annuity Companies was published by They suck. Not a single one of the Best Structured Settlement Annuity Companies on that list is licensed to sell structured settlement annuities.  Not one of them is licensed to buy structured settlement annuities either. TheTop 10 Review site is bull shit. They trying to get over on your minority ass. Don’t let them.  When y’all pawn off your structured settlement as if you was going to the famous Home Boy of Harlem you ain’t selling no structured settlement annuity. That’s cuz you be selling the right to receive the payments from that annuity bro.

So TopTen claims its lineup of 10 structured settlement companies was selected based on several factors, including customer sentiment, company visibility and whether the company belongs to industry groups such as the National Association of Settlement Purchasers (NASP). In order to be a member of NASP, a structured settlement company must abide by a code of ethics, a consumer bill of rights and participate in anti-fraud initiatives.  But most important to read is that Top10 was not able to evaluate rates and fees, since they depend so much on the specific details of each settlement.

So in reality the method has more holes than your socks.  If you have to travel down the unfortunate road of selling bro, rate is everything.  Rate affects your bottom line.

Top 10 Reviews

A Big Fuckin’ Snooze

Visit the zoos

It won’t give you da Blues


Instead of something massive

Like a great big ass of

McCormick did  passive

And made a morass of


Structured settlement annuity

There ain’t no ambiguity

So they get no gratuity

For lack of ingenuity


Best structured settlement annuity companies”

And the big raspberry that accompanies

Highlight a litany of gluttony

Hedge Fund puppetry

Pardon me for being so uppity

While rhymin’ so wondrously.


Other review sites of little value to minorities with structured settlements

Fund First Capital

This site seem to just promote DRB Capital.  Yet  they include Woodbridge Structured Funding  (in December they was named as one of the parties in  a Ponzi scheme action by the Securities Exchange Commission). Read the complaint against Woodbridge here. They also include Sovereign Funding which ain’t been in business for years.













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