I Have a Structured Settlement But I Always Go Meow

I Have a Structured Settlement and I Always Meow Hard not to purr when you get stable payments now The tax free benefits are helpful too The wife gets tax-free when I die,  she’s a Happy Sue   Keep hearing these commercials that are on TV Funny as they are they promote JG Think I’ll […]

Highest Cash Offer Structured Settlement

“Highest cash offer for structured settlement” is on par with I promise I won’t “pour rum” in your mouth” .  Virtually every structured settlement buyer makes the same dubious claim.  If only go to Tightwad Capital then their offer is the “highest offer”. If you go to TightWad Capital and Miser Moron Settlement Purchasers, you may […]

Structured Settlement IPA

Structured Settlement IPA stands for Independent Professional Advice.  A structured settlement IPA is compulsory in quite a few states, but some structured settlement buyers tell you that it will cost more or will delay you getting your payments.  The hot shots that tell you that crap are just trying to get over on a brother.  […]

Sell Your Settlement Now

So you want to sell your settlement now Getting cash now is so low brow Got your ass in a  sling,  just fuckin’ how? Your bills, your bills you cow tow Spending money give you thrills and chow chow   You be spending money on the down lo When your bitch ain’t lookin’ you with […]

Forum Shopping Structured Settlements

You need cash money Go to Judge Homey Structured settlement protection Think Hugh G. Rection But home court approval Not like apple strudel   My Cash now pusha Say there no issha Don’t need no tissha Said “no worries Thumper” We headed to Sumter When you feeling sorely Go right to Judge Morley   Ye […]

Why Wait for Structured Settlement Payment?

Some structured settlement buyers ask you “why wait for your structured settlement payments?”   Massive over-the-top from Peachtree featured dis wigga who gets progressively older waiting for his payments.  Even got tumbleweeds from the Old West rolling into the scene (Cue  ” The Good, Bad & Da Ugly”) Others ask “why wait weeks, months and […]

Court Scrapers Information Rapers

Court scrapers are like information rapers. Some people who enter into structured settlements, are surprised to receive phone calls from complete strangers right away or years later encouraging them to sell their structured settlement payments. The incessant and harrassing phone calls come from structured settlement buyers, some of whom are very aggressive and offensive.  There […]

He Ate a Structured Settlement and He Pees Cash Now

I Ate a Structured Settlement and I Pee Cash Now I Pee Daily!  Get Your “Streambacks” Now I’ve Helped Others and I’ll Help You Too The only thing I won’t do is help you go poo-poo!   I Ate a Structured Settlement and I Pee Cash Now Call AC Pissworth,  for a  7-11 -pow-wow I’ve […]

I Have a Structured Settlement and Screw Cash Now

I Have a Structured Settlement and Screw Cash Now Call “Tuna Fish Sandwich” No Need to Sell Now Structures helped others and they’ll help you too Lifetime stable income and tax-free too!   You have a structured settlement say “screw cash now” Free I-Pad and cash advances, who really gives a shit now? Structures helped […]

Structured Settlement Cash Now Stinks

Structured settlement cash now stinks Dude, you just got yourself hoodwinked Sure ain’t your mama’s tiddly winks Before you blink Payment just shrinks   Cash now for structured settlement stinks You think you back from the brink But back to your old hi-jinks Your armor still got some chinks When the vulture winks You need […]