Annuity Sold Exec Smacked Upside in Google Gaming

A representative  of Owings Mills based Annuity Sold, sent documents to a process server in California for an “online reputation management” lawsuit in Rhode Island that two lawyers said was phony.  Read it in Washington Post.  Homies this is some fucked up shit.  According to the lawyers who did the research on these phony lawsuits,  all the effort behind the phony lawsuits was designed to game Google for so called online reputation management. Customer of the online reputation management company were charged thousands of dollars for the privilege of participating in the scam.

Seems Richart Ruddie is getting smacked upside the head ever since. According to the appropriately named Tech Dirt, ” as a result of a federal judge in Rhode Island taking a second look at an order he hastily granted earlier, Paul Alan Levy of Public Citizen has been able to confirm Richart Ruddie — the head of an extremely-sketchy reputation management company — signed off on the forged and fraudulent documents delivered to the court”.

I feel a rhyme coming on homes.  Here we go.

Annuity Sold

Y’all Think You’re Bold

You Be Fuckin’ Over Gold

And your racket be getting old.


I can’t trust your sorry ass

Sell My structure?  I’ll think I’ll pass

Getting drawn into Ruddie’s morass

Owings Mills bred them fuckin’ shills

So frickin’ creepy they give me da chills.


Richart Ruddie he be all smuggy

Phony lawsuits alleged to be in his buggy

Volokh and Levy boy did they study

And gave Ruddie Duddie a great big nuggy


Ruddie tried to game mighty Google

Shoulda stayed home and eaten mama’s Kugel

Instead of being on the short end of a wet noodle

Or if the Rhode Island prosecute, being someone’s poodle.


Annuity Sold

Y’All Think You’re Bold

Slippery eel you broke the mold

A story that must be told

So that mighty Google don’t get rolled


You do your shit as you please

I heed the words of the Stereo MCs

“Something ain’t right
I’m gonna get myself
I’m gonna get myself
I’m gonna get myself connected
I ain’t gonna go blind
For the light which is reflected
I see thru you
I see thru you
I see thru you
I see thru you
Ya dirty tricks
Ya make me sick
I see thru you
I see thru you
I’m gonna do it again”

They be Connected too

Instead of dishing stinky poo


















Published by FunkyChicken

I love funky music, lyrical poetry and the "rhyme sublime". A rapper with an interest in structured settlements. I read about too many brothers and sisters getting hosed by advertisers buying structured settlements. Having to sell your structured settlement sucks, but many people don't have the access to the information they need and making bad decisions, so I decided to rap home the message.

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